AAAGH! There’s a possum on my hard drive!


Found this old illustration while cleaning off my hard drive. I originally toyed with the idea of doing a children’s book with this little guy as the main character. How ’bout it? Anybody else out there think it’s high time there was a book about a smelly nocturnal marsupial who has a thing for pro wrestling and popcorn, or am I the only one?


4 Responses to “AAAGH! There’s a possum on my hard drive!”

  1. mxara Says:

    you are not the only one … i for one think smelly naughty but happy possums are cool
    though the nutrition angle might need work!

    what better than that guy ….


    ps lovely illustration

  2. jaggedsmile Says:

    Thanks for the comments and compliment, mx!

    And I love the fact that you were more disturbed by his taste for popcorn than his love for pro wrestling!


  3. mxara Says:

    well thats just the entertianment [ did cha kno it be fake? ]

  4. Kristi Overly Says:

    Love this illustration! I just discovered your site, but he is waaay too cute to NOT have a book about him! I work in a library and think the illustrations make the book anyway! Go for it!

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