Mr. Smooth


Here’s a piece I did for work. It’s done in watercolor on illustration board. The article was about the lousy dating habits of some Christian men, and what a turn-off it is to the women in their lives.


2 Responses to “Mr. Smooth”

  1. ebrown Says:

    Where’s the snaggle-toothed “barbarian” drawing? He may be a good fit for this kind of dating. As a matter of fact, the girls might like him better because he is sensitive and looks out for them by clubbing anything that comes within swinging distance. ha!


  2. jaggedsmile Says:

    Or even better…a barbarian in a leisure suit! I may post the aforementioned snaggle-toothed barbarian in a bit. Got a few others I want to post first.

    And, yes, it is addictive…..I may open a blogger rehab facility. I’d make a fortune!

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