What never was….but may yet be.

seekerstudy_darius.jpg seekerstudy_airship.jpg seekerstudy_kristahl.jpg

Sketches for a work project that, unfortunately, was shelved before full-scale production began. I still believe this needs to be produced, and I’m hoping and praying that it will be given a second chance. If it doesn’t happen here, I may soon start production on my own on the side. I’ll keep you posted.

Since these pieces are kind of large, I have just thumbnailed today’s post. You know the drill….click on the thumbnails to see the larger pics.

2 Responses to “What never was….but may yet be.”

  1. Cameron Says:

    Love the first one, Jeff.

  2. jaggedsmile Says:

    Thanks, Cameron. I really enjoyed concepting these. I was afraid his helmet might look a little bit too much like he was wearing a turtle on his head….not that there’s anything wrong with that.

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