Klonk! (Where’s Ignatz?)


Although it started out random, this one turned into an homage of sorts to one of my heroes, George Herriman. He’s the genius who gave the world Krazy Kat, and his artistic and writing skills have always been a benchmark by which I judge other comic work. His stuff may be too surreal or subtle for some tastes, but- love him or hate him- ya gotta admit, the man had STYLE!

2 Responses to “Klonk! (Where’s Ignatz?)”

  1. shanaynay Says:

    ok… this had to have been done during a meeting! i can only imagine who was in this meeting considering what you’ve drawn here… but what is throwing me off is the hearts in the background?!! mmmmmm….

  2. jaggedsmile Says:

    Now, see….if you’d checked out the Krazy Kat link I had so graciously provided, all your questions would be answered. But noooooooo….just had to go off all half-cocked and start commenting, dincha? ;p

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