Snoozin’ or Juicin’?


There are those that doodle in meetings, and then there are those who catch up on their sleep in meetings. And when you have a meeting where there’s one of each present…..

Maybe ol’ Snoozy up there could’ve used some of what this guy’s obviously had a little too much of.



3 Responses to “Snoozin’ or Juicin’?”

  1. alexlatimer Says:

    Hey, thanks for the link to my wordpress site. I’m enjoying your posts, you’re very talented. Drawing for a living is the answer to most of life’s problems i think. Keep up the good work.

  2. jaggedsmile Says:

    Thanks. Yeah, I feel like way too many bloggers take themselves WAAAAAY to seriously, so I was more than happy to join the “nonsense” blog crowd. Got a lot of junk in this brain o’ mine that needed airing out.

  3. Cameron Says:

    Nice, do you do Bar mitzvahs?

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