“X” is for Xenophobia


I was visiting my son’s kindergarten class the other day, and it struck me how monotonous those alphabet cards can get. You know the ones…A is for apple, B is for ball…and, of course, X is always for either xylophone or x-ray.

So I’m thinking of doing my own set of cards and sneaking them into his class. It would be something like “A is for asinine, B is for Brobdingnagian….X is for xenophobia”!

The only thing keeping me from doing this is the fact I couldn’t afford to pay for psychotherapy¬† for the entire kindergarten.


4 Responses to ““X” is for Xenophobia”

  1. David Says:

    I think that’s an awesome idea. Maybe you could even do it as a children’s book. That way you could disturb kids on an even grander scale.

  2. Papa Clyde Says:

    I’m beginning to think you truly are certifiable.

  3. RobTsou Says:

    If you make some, make some for Nicholas’ class too!

  4. Rich Benevento Says:

    You know, there are places like Vistaprint.com where you cna do individual post cards printed for cheap cheap — like 100 for $1. …after your first set I see “Land of Nod” comin’ a callin’…Man, you have got the goods!!

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