Stylish AND Pointy


Because I, for one, think it is HIGH TIME that Viking helmets made their own fashion comeback! Who’s with me? Show of hands….


5 Responses to “Stylish AND Pointy”

  1. Papa Clyde Says:

    If I didn’t know you better, I would think you are on drink.

  2. edtajchman Says:

    Flavor Flav beat you too it, he did the Viking helmet thing like 15 years ago or more…

  3. jaggedsmile Says:

    Even better! A gap of fifteen years would qualify the Viking helmet comeback as “retro”. First it was disco, then the preppy look, and now Viking chic. I still say I’m onto something BIG here! YEEHAAA!!

  4. RobTsou Says:

    I have always feared your fashion sense.

  5. Gi Says:

    Maybe american footballers will embrace the thought? Either way, soccer fans ’round here certainly did..*shudder* great, great expression, I’m in love! (hm, no sarcasm… really)

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