Who dropped the ball?

As far as I can remember, this is honestly the first time I think I’ve drawn the old reliable “lump on the head with stars shooting out of it to represent pain” gag. So it’s sort of like you’re experiencing a piece of art history here! Do you feel awestruck? Are you giddy from the magnitude of this momentous occasion? Do you need to lie down and put your feet up? Can I get you some ice water?


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3 Responses to “Who dropped the ball?”

  1. Gi Says:

    I have to say I love your style and the way you built this bunny. And that lump, wow, it really looks painful… just brilliant!

  2. Santadelic Says:

    cool drawing!

  3. Papa Clyde Says:

    I’m wondering: If that bowling ball had fallen on your
    head, which would be feeling the most pain? Just
    kidding! But I do believe the bowling ball might have
    a bigger crack than the one in your drawing.

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