I don’t know which would disturb me more-knowing a guy with an empty head that you could poke your finger through, or knowing a guy with one freakishly long index finger. Because, dang it, he’d be really hard to buy for if you were going to give him gloves for Christmas!

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5 Responses to “Poke!”

  1. Judith Gregory Says:

    I don’t know about the long index finger, but I can point you straight to several empty heads.

  2. sandy Says:

    I can identify (though I won’t tell you with which character). Would love to know the meeting that inspired this “pointed comment” of a doodle.

  3. Dalen Says:

    It has been fun looking at your doodles as well as the ‘quick wit’ you have with them.



  4. B McD Says:

    OK – This just about perfectly describes my work environment. The owner of our company compulsively walks around poking people in the eye (figuratively speaking).

    The guy just can’t help but leave you with the impression that he cannot help making a point of sticking something into your eye. In all but a very few interactions you are left wtih the impression that somehow, some way, all the degrees, knowledge and experience you might have is worth shiet becasue he has found a way to twist what you said into something he thought you might have meant which proves somehow that you are either incompetent, untrustworthy or lazy (some combination thereof).

    Shocklingly, complacency and a cluture of blame is a result – and he doesn’t understand why……

    Go figure.

    My single most compelling goal for this halloween is to find one of those steel skewers – you know, the skinny ones for kebabs at home – they have a twist in them – and some rubber eyeballs (as realistic and squishy as possible) and skewer up a few to leave on his desk.

    I’d love to buy this doodle – the signed original if I can!

  5. Satya Sarada Kandula Says:

    I had not already written anything where I could use this and I tried passing by it so many times and failed. I have worked for longer in the corporate sector than was good for me or for the sector, so I have seen this happen many times.

    I wrote a little post.. just so I could use this. People will now visit my site, just to look at this cartoon. http://satyastories.wordpress.com/2009/05/13/jagged-smile/

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