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Monster in a Man Suit

October 31, 2007


Nothing but a doodle today. Happy Halloween, everybody!


Godzilla Lives!

October 30, 2007


My son Ethan has developed into a huge Godzilla fan (the original….not that “iguana with a thyroid condition” one), so when it came time to decide what to be for Halloween, of course he chose the King of the Monsters! A little paper mache, a sweat suit, some paint, and….voila! Here’s a shot made at about 85% complete. No teeth or feet claws yet:


The eyes light up as well. Here’s a shot of them glowing in all their Godzilla-ish fury:


Finally, it was time to unleash him on the unsuspecting populace! Here he is at his school’s Fall Festival, about to devour the most beautiful little girl in the world:


With a full belly now, Godzilla lets out a triumphant roar as frightened citizens seek cover!:


Fish on a Pedal Copter

October 26, 2007


See? I told you there was one of these guys around here somewhere! And you thought I was just making stuff up!

When a doodle goes unfinished

October 25, 2007


What was I going to draw little googly-eyed dude here reaching for, you might ask?

I HAVE NO IDEA. That’s the way my doodles go, usually. Just kind of thrown together. So I started this one and never had time to finish.

He could be reaching for a fish that’s flying by on a pedal-powered helicopter, for all I know. I’ll let you decide.

What do you think he’s reaching for?

Flippy, the Bedazzled Frankenpuppy!

October 24, 2007


It all began at lunch today when my friend Jennifer mentioned that she would sometimes give her son one of his Christmas presents wrapped in several different packages, so he could have the fun of figuring out what it was as he unwrapped each piece. After that, the conversation rapidly went downhill…

I think they’re putting something in our kool-aid here at work.

Heeeeeyyy! Nice Noggin!

October 19, 2007


Bill felt it gave him a more confident and attractive appearance.

However, the reactions amongst his fellow scientists to his silicone cranial implants ranged from “shallow”,”desperate”, and “vain” to just plain old “downright silly”.

Quashing Doodle Defiance

October 17, 2007


Oh, like I’m the only one who has conversations with his doodles.

A Pondering

October 15, 2007


So…. today is “Blog Action Day“, where every single person on the planet will post a blog about the environment simultaneously. In doing so, we will patch up the ozone layer, save the whales, completely eradicate all greenhouse gases, cure problem teenage acne, and somehow, through the miracle that is the internet, help me find that digital camera I lost last summer.

Sorry. Got a little carried away there.

I don’t mean to sound cynical here, and I do believe that it is VERY important that I be a good steward of my piece of this little floating ball of rock we call home, but do campaigns like this really make a difference? Will anyone not already on the bandwagon really have their viewpoint changed by a wave of pro-environment blogging?

We’re inundated at every turn by information (both accurate and wildly inaccurate) about the environment, arguments as to whether or not it’s really messed up, reasons why it is or isn’t, and ways to fix it…or if it can be fixed. Most people are probably to the point of compassion fatigue when it comes to the subject; they don’t have any more emotional energy to give, and thus shut out any further thought regarding it. A similar phenomenon happened in the weeks following September 11th.

All that being said (and I hope you’ve bothered to read this far), I do hope that those so inclined will take a moment today to consider all the ways they’ve been blessed, and use their available skills, talents and resources to be good stewards of the chunk of this rock they’ve been given.

We can’t change others’ morals or hearts, we can only exhibit our own.

My poor kids!

October 13, 2007


I should title this one “A Twisted Brain Takes on Fatherhood”.

My sweet daughter Ella asked me to draw a doggy for her. I could’ve done cute. I could’ve done cuddly. But noooooooo……

I gave her a snaggle-toothed mixed breed with a personality disorder.

I think my brain needs a reboot.

Winsor McCay for President!

October 12, 2007

winsor.jpg nemo-button1.jpg nemo-button2.jpg

[Sorry, no doodle for today’s post, just a bit of a rambling fan rave/rant.]

Even stronger than my aforementioned love and respect for the work of George Herriman (Krazy Kat’s kreator), I’d have to say that Winsor McCay is the comic strip artist that evokes the strongest feelings of awestruck admiration/weeping jealousy in me. He, like Herriman, was a master of making the most of a full-page Sunday comics spread…yes, they used to actually have those….and his writing and draftmanship are without equal even today. Oh, and did I mention they were all HAND PAINTED? Too cool for words.

If newspapers still had beauty like this adorning their pages, maybe their readership wouldn’t be plummeting as it is nowadays.

But, then again, maybe it would. McCay, Herriman, and many of their contemporaries actually expected the reader to be able to grasp subtle irony and appreciate surrealism, satire, and the like. Their audiences were also required to spend more than a few seconds reading a comic strip. These were the days when you spent all Sunday afternoon RELAXING (dare I say, taking a day of rest…gasp!) and perusing the newspaper with the whole family.

I mean, SHEESH! Who wants that?? That may lead to such disturbing developments as parent/child bonding and literacy! Forget that! Where’s the remote? I think there’s a NASCAR race on! Yeeeee-harrrrr!