One way to end a dull conversation


Actually, the ability to make your eyebrows burst into flames on cue would probably come in handy in all kinds of situations. I bet it would get you out of a traffic ticket in a heart beat….”Officer, I had to drive 75 in a 35 zone-MY EYEBROWS ARE ON FIRE!!!”

[Due to some legibility issues on some computers, I’ve been asked to make the image larger. Click on the thumbnail to see a new and improved, bigger, more fuel efficient, better tasting, low-cal, high fiber version of the doodle.]


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3 Responses to “One way to end a dull conversation”

  1. Santadelic Says:

    I could use this excuse at least 5 times a day!!!

  2. jaggedsmile Says:

    Whoa! Pace yourself there, Santadelic…you’ve got to allot time for re-growth.

  3. Papa Clyde Says:

    This puts a new twist on being “hot-headed”!

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