glub glub gurgle


It’s Monday.




Are you waiting for more of an explanation?


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5 Responses to “glub glub gurgle”

  1. Eric Says:

    It’s an Oompa-Loompa coming up for air after cleaning the Chocolate River vacuum tube of that filthy Ustice slime. Blech! That will mess up some chocolate bars I’m sure.

  2. jaggedsmile Says:

    Ewww….wait…was it dark chocolate or milk chocolate? ‘Cause I looooves me some dark chocolate.

  3. Papa Clyde Says:

    I must admit something that rarely happens: I’m speechless!

  4. eclexia Says:

    I was feeling almost exactly like that. But now that I’ve seen how funny it looks, I’m smiling and not quite so overwhelmed 🙂

  5. jaggedsmile Says:

    Glad to help out.

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