Falling Down & Bugging Out



Wow! Color doodles! From one of those rare occasions when I was actually at my desk while doodling and had access to colored pencils.

There are also doodles I’ve done when I didn’t have access to any kind of pencils or pens…or even paper. Of course, they’re all just doodles in my brain, so I can’t really post them.

Or I maybe I could. I just have to figure out how to get my brain on the scanner.

This could get messy…..


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3 Responses to “Falling Down & Bugging Out”

  1. Papa Clyde Says:

    Is that insect a doodlebug?

  2. alexlatimer Says:

    Hey thanks for the well wishes on my engagement (even though I don;t know you from Adam’s cat). And thanks too for the illsutration encouragement (global domination starts with encouragement). Keep up your good work too, its always a treat to see what new morsel you’ve posted.

  3. RobTsou Says:

    Ooooh..your brain on the interweb! Scary!

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