Godzilla Lives!


My son Ethan has developed into a huge Godzilla fan (the original….not that “iguana with a thyroid condition” one), so when it came time to decide what to be for Halloween, of course he chose the King of the Monsters! A little paper mache, a sweat suit, some paint, and….voila! Here’s a shot made at about 85% complete. No teeth or feet claws yet:


The eyes light up as well. Here’s a shot of them glowing in all their Godzilla-ish fury:


Finally, it was time to unleash him on the unsuspecting populace! Here he is at his school’s Fall Festival, about to devour the most beautiful little girl in the world:


With a full belly now, Godzilla lets out a triumphant roar as frightened citizens seek cover!:



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3 Responses to “Godzilla Lives!”

  1. Gaurav Says:

    “iguana with a thyroid condition”…..lol…….nice blog!!!

  2. Annabelle Lawrence Says:

    Oh my goodness — this costume is awesome. (Hope he went potty before he got into it!) I can’t believe how wonderful this is!

  3. jaggedsmile Says:

    And leave it to a teacher to worry whether or not Godzilla has taken a restroom break! 🙂

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