What makes YOU feel invincible?


We all have something…or at least we did as kids….that made us feel like we were stronger than King Kong or prettier than Barbie (or both maybe).

My childhood “invincibility totem” was my first pair of real live hiking boots. I felt like I was ready to hike up Everest with those bad boys on! Yours might have been a certain pair of sneakers, or your first leather jacket, or a special dress.

Or maybe it wasn’t an item of clothing. Maybe it was a person.

That best friend that was dead set on y’all being a crime fighting team when you grew up. Or the sister you were going to form a world-famous rock band with.

Nowadays, mine is a beautiful woman named Kristi. Ten years ago tomorrow, she said she’d marry me. And ever since-with a huge heap of God’s help in the mix-we’ve climbed personal and emotional mountains together that make ol’ Everest look like a cake walk. And I’m ready to take on more every time I look at her.

(Thank you, Kristi. I love you.)

So….what about you? What makes, or made, you feel invincible?


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9 Responses to “What makes YOU feel invincible?”

  1. ebrown Says:

    My BB Gun! Back off buster! 🙂

  2. jaggedsmile Says:

    Is that childhood, or currently? Because everybody knows real men use pellets. Makes the varmints do neat mid-air flips.

  3. Jennifer Says:

    I’m feeling pretty invisible right now because of my batgirl underoos.

    And, sorry, but nothing ever gave me any desire to want to be prettier than Barbie. I always hated her, even when I was 3 or 4 years old. Not sure why. I preferred the Bionic woman and Planet of the Ape dolls.

  4. jaggedsmile Says:

    What about an ape version of Barbie?

  5. Jennifer Says:

    Even better… Samonsite Barbie!!! This toy features an angry irritated Gorilla sidekick which can sling Barbie around a cage for hours of non-stop fun. That’s my kind of toy!

  6. erin Says:

    Probably either President Fluffy (my beloved matted-fur rabbit puppet with pink/red eyes, and the democratic leader of the animals in residence at 22 Sniff Sniff Rd.) or The Whipping Doll. I really hated dolls. But someone gave me this hideous doll with a green beanbag body. She looked like a jerk, so every time I was mad, I would give sneering Jerk Doll a whuppin.

    (I also owned a Poolside Ken doll who was given to me and my sister along with a mini-inflatable pool, inflatable floaty devices, and a Poolside Barbie. We thought they were hideous, so we would take turns either drowning them in the pool, cracking their legs, or popping off their heads to use as squeezable water guns. The Samsonite Gorrilla would have made things soooo much better!) But really, I was a very gentle soul as a child.

  7. Justin Zohan Says:

    What makes me feel weak at times is the kids in my town bully me. It breaks me down one day and then I feel invincible the next day. Once the town bullies (there ismaybe about 20 that want to fight me) are done threatening me for the day, I forgive them and pray to God. I believe that God gives me power to not fear. He made me so helpless to show just how Mighty He is. I am trying to grow a fond relationship with God. What do you think?

  8. jaggedsmile Says:

    Justin, I believe you’ve found the only path to true invincibility, and that is to truly rely on God and His mercy that he showed us through His son, Jesus. You are in my prayers as you struggle through this period of your life.

  9. Kp Says:

    Just the thought of power, makes me feel invincible.. Ever since i was a childi felt like I was invincible and immune to everything, the thought stuck to my head and now in real life i feel invincible, not stupid invincible where i go stand in front of a bullet and see if i get hurt. But just putting my mind to like, I cant get hurt im not going to fail, And i basically hypnotized myself to thinking im invincible… It feels quite good now that i feel this way all the time.

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