Ex Libris!



I was enjoying some of the beautiful bookplates (ex libris) on the BibliOdyssey blog, and it dawned on me that- while I have always loved bookplate art- it’s been ages since I created one of my own. After doing so, I started feeling all giddy and generous and such and decided I wanted to share it with everybody else in the blogosphere!

So download away, dear reader! I have uploaded a high-res version (click on the thumbnail to get to it) so you’ll have a cleaner printout. All I ask is that you don’t try to re-sell it in any shape, form or fashion, and that you leave my little signature on it. Other than that..feel free to printout 5 billion of them for you and your closest friends. Also, please remember to use only a good acid-free paper and library grade glue to paste it in the front of your books.

Hope you like it. Happy reading, everybody.

[UPDATE: My apologies for a bit of confusion I may have caused. By “library grade glue”, I mean any acid-free glue or paste. Guess I shoulda just said that, huh?] 


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16 Responses to “Ex Libris!”

  1. robtsou Says:

    Did Kristi coach you about the acid free paper and the library grade glue? Where do you get library grade glue?

  2. erin Says:

    How fun, fun, fun. Thank you! My favorite bookplate in my memory was an old one my sister had a few of when we were littler…they were esoteric, besuited and bespectacled rabbits in a crammed British-looking personal library.

  3. jaggedsmile Says:

    Sorry…guess I did use a rather stilted phrase when I could have just said “make sure your glue is acid-free as well”….I’ll edit that part.

  4. LewisJaffe Says:

    You may want to enter the bookplate in the bizarre bookplate contest on the bookplate blog

  5. jaggedsmile Says:

    Wow! It’s truly an honor that you consider my doodle even the least bit worthy to stand alongside the beautiful pieces you have on your blog. I appreciate your support, and the labor of love your site obviously is for you.

  6. Deborah the Ex-Libris Collector Says:

    hey! that’s a great ex-libris! have you thought of posting it on flickr if you really want to go Web 2.0 and share share share 😉

  7. besucherke Says:

    Thanks very much! I will use it on my books.

  8. Davy Abad Says:

    Thanks! I’ll definitely use it on my books 🙂

  9. Peter Homan Says:


    We took the liberty of using your drawing in a reading project for schoolchilderen in Holland. The EU is sponsoring a series of ex librisses. We do not make no money out of it, but your drawing will be distributed among 13.000 pupils! If you like, we can send you a Pdf of the ex libris we made with your drawing and a Pdf of the pages from the workbook of the pupils in which we explain the purpose of an ex libris.

    Kind regards,

    Peter Homan.

  10. jaggedsmile Says:

    Wow, Peter! That is so cool! I’m really honored. I’d love to see what the kids do with my illustration. Thanks!

  11. Arael Says:

    At the risk of coming through as ignorant, I have to ask: what’s the purpose of acid-free paper and glue? Does it in any way contribute to the deterioration of the book in question, or is it just being greener / non-toxic?

  12. jaggedsmile Says:

    It’s not an ignorant question at all. The reason for suggesting acid-free paper and glue is to protect the book and bookplate. Acids, over a prolonged period, can literally burn the paper (no, not “bursting into flames” burning…but is does turn it brown and make it brittle). Most books are printed on acid-free paper, and bound using acid-free adhesives. I’m not aware of any green benefits, but it would stand to reason there might be some.

    Thanks for asking. Hope you enjoy the ex libris.

  13. Arael Says:

    Thanks a lot! I was wandering about the very effect you explained.

  14. antonella federici Says:

    the crocodile is wonderful!!! but you doin’t do ex libris? I would like to buy some

  15. paia Says:

    the crocodile is wonderful!!! but you doin’t do ex libris? I would like to buy some

  16. Mila Radisic Says:

    It is nice to see so many nice illustrations! I just recently start to
    participate on ex-libris projects but all my life I feel intimacy beetwen
    printed word and printed picture! I would like to be a part of this exchange!

    Mila Radisic

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