A Shoe is a Shew is a Shoo


Megan said “Sketch a shoe.”

So I started sketching a shoe.

And then these guys show up.

I’m tellin’ ya….I have got to put out some traps around here.


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5 Responses to “A Shoe is a Shew is a Shoo”

  1. Megan Says:

    I absolutley love this!!! Will you be participating a lot? I can’t wait to see you draw a landscape next week. I can imagine what guys will show up then!!!!! And thanks again. I’m having a blast posting everyone’s shoes.

  2. sketched out Says:

    Ok, I need to have a pair of these shoes for all my holiday galavanting. I think they just might be the perfect galavanting shoes. Do the little guys come with?

  3. eclexia Says:

    Wanted to let you know my 10-year-old, aspiring artist daughter loves it when your sketches (or in this case, Skechers?) show up in our inbox.

  4. jaggedsmile Says:

    Wellll…I guess it’s okay to expose her to this stuff. But don’t blame me when she starts seeing strange little creatures everywhere.

    Or, better yet, let her start her own blog so she can draw and post the little critters! I’d love to see some of them.

  5. eclexia Says:

    🙂 She’s already seeing little creatures everywhere, so you’re off the hook–it started long before your doodles hit our inbox. Could you email me so I could ask you a question offline about the art blog idea? Thanks.

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