Napalm on a stick!


Dashing through the snow,
With a marshmallow aflame!
When it’s ten degrees below,
Arson’s a fun game!
Ha Ha Ha!

{This touching Christmas tune was inspired by watching a group of five-year-old boys incinerate….uhh, I mean roast…marshmallows at our town’s Christmas Tree lighting celebration.}

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3 Responses to “Napalm on a stick!”

  1. Cameron Says:

    Or…he’s running from a mob of angry marshmallows for the atrocities committed in the name of s’mores. Little does he know he’s running headlong into a mob of pitchfork-wielding chocolate squares.

  2. Rich Benevento Says:

    I am contacting the Main Street Tucker people about getting this on the poster for next year’s event!

  3. RobTsou Says:

    I knew I smelled a doodle!

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