Tryptophan Powers…..ACTIVATE!


I think it’s safe to assume that- if you were a superhero that looked like a roast turkey- the ability to shoot a tryptophan stun beam out of your forehead would naturally be one of your superpowers, right?

Of course, given that you’ve got little stubby wing-arms and drumsticks for legs, your overall effectiveness as a crime fighter is probably negligible at best.

If you were a superhero, what would your powers be?


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3 Responses to “Tryptophan Powers…..ACTIVATE!”

  1. sandy Says:

    What do you mean, IF I were a superhero?

  2. ebrown Says:

    I’d b abl o ake ords disap on th Web 🙂 -eb

  3. sketched out Says:

    After the obligatory ridding the world of crime, I would do some really important work, like ridding Holiday goodies of all their calories (while retaining all their gooey, chocolately goodness, of course.)

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