Ten Thousand??? Hoodathunkit?


I don’t write about politics, sports, technology, religion or celebrities (the biggies, if blog stats are to be believed), yet in just eight months people have chosen to voluntarily expose their brains to my doodlefied view of reality more than ten thousand times.

I know…I know…ten thousand is nothing to the heavy hitters of blogdom. That’s just a regular day’s worth of traffic for them. Or even a slow day. But, hey, it’s still pretty cool considering my blog has the intellectual nutritional value of cardboard.

So, for all my readers, I’d like to say thanks. Unless all the visits have really just been a single chimp in a lab cage somewhere smacking away at a computer keyboard in the hopes of being rewarded with a banana. Or Fig Newtons™.

I’d do it ten thousand times for Fig Newtons.

I LOVE those things!


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4 Responses to “Ten Thousand??? Hoodathunkit?”

  1. tim Says:

    eep eep! chimp wants his banana!

  2. sketched out Says:

    Congrats! I’m about to turn 10,000 hits any day now myself, and I’ve been so excited, gonna blog it as well. Of course, I was excited until you mentioned the chimp possibility.

    No matter, I’m still excited, chimp or not!

    Thanks for filling all of us, your readers, with smiles and chortles, as opposed to more of the same ole bloggery you can get any where on the webbernets.

  3. simonelli Says:

    Well done!. I haven’t reached 2,000 yet. But I’ve only been going since November.

    I thnk cartoon blogs have a lot of potential for large readerships, don’t you?

  4. Sid Says:

    Congrats! I have an idea for you knock around. Religious tone – ‘broken at the altar’. A person in pieces kneeling or standing close to or under the altar. Kick it around for a while and see if anything hits you.

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