You want a smile? I’ll give you a smile, pal!


It’s sad to watch a friend rapidly descend into perma-grinning insanity.

But it sure as heck is fun to draw them on their way down.

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7 Responses to “You want a smile? I’ll give you a smile, pal!”

  1. victor Says:

    Thats what happens when your position is Supervising Senior Managing Manager of Alignment and Rotation…. now only $59.99.

  2. jaggedsmile Says:

    Looks like he needs a copy of QuikPak™!

  3. delores hayes Says:


  4. Cameron Says:

    I think I bought a car from that guy.

  5. victor Says:

    The PFM effect…. Promoted to Further Ministry.

  6. Steve Lindsey Says:

    Making a funny face?! I wasn’t making a funny face!

    (Looks like I got a big wiff of the Jokers laughing-nerve-gas!)


  7. Allen Says:

    Looks like the picture that would accompany a weird “Ministry Leader Embezzles Money, Axe-Murders Co-Workers” headline in the Wall Street Journal.

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