If you weren’t what you are, what would you be?


If you could choose any occupation for yourself, regardless of whether or not it would pay the bills….or if you even have a talent for it….what would it be? Maybe you’re a nurse who has secretly always wanted to be a stand-up comic. Or a garbage man who has persistent fantasies of owning a car dealership. Or vice versa.

I am currently an art director/illustrator, so my “fantasy job” isn’t that far removed from my real job. I would be a comic book illustrator.

My only fear is that I would probably offend the devotees of whatever comic book character I got to work on. You see, I have a hard time taking seriously anybody-male or female, real or fictional-who wears tights or ludicrously skimpy clothing. You know the old bit of advice they give people with stage fright? The one about imagining your audience naked so you won’t feel intimidated? Well, not me pal. For me, it’s tights. Tights and capes. And maybe a few ill-advised thongs thrown into the mix, just to really amp up the ridiculous factor.

But anyway, I digress…back to my original question: What would you be? I’d love to hear from you. Tell me what you currently do for a living, and what you wish you could do for a living.

And the next time someone intimidates you, don’t forget to break out the imaginary capes and thongs.


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7 Responses to “If you weren’t what you are, what would you be?”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    I’d definitely be a Neuroscientist. I’d love to do petscans and EEGs of people’s heads and research learning, perception, memory and mental illness. So, working with a bunch of crazy artists and designers every day does keep that side of my brain entertained as well.

  2. jaggedsmile Says:

    We don’t have any petscan machines around here….how ’bout I just put my head in the microwave for ten seconds on high? Of course, it might just puff up like a pan of JiffyPop™ if I do that. Got any butter and salt?

  3. roux2 Says:

    My current position is CEO, CFO, COO of an unprofitable Non-Profit Organization. (Translation: Domestic Goddess. Further translation: Housewife). And trust me, it’s non-profit; hubby is a teacher. He makes the money, I manage — read “spend” — it.

    What would I be if I could be anything? Hmmm…
    I’d fly Apache helicopters
    And be director of a zoo
    And breed exotic coursing hounds
    And develop real estate; the high end stuff, of course
    And establish no-kill animal shelters all over the USA

    The real-estate thing isn’t really a wish, but it would supply the money for the no-kill animal shelters.

    And finally, I’d be a world-famous photographer. I’m already famous in my own circle, of course. I’m known as Marie Antionette. Whenever I pick up a camera everyone shouts “Off with our heads!”

    Thanks for the survey! It was fun!

  4. Cameron Says:

    Allegedly, I’m a writer by trade. But if I could do anything else for a living I’d write, record and produce music. Put it this way: nothing makes me forget to eat like making music.

  5. delores hayes Says:

    I am a print buyer/traffic coordinator, but I always wanted to be a doctor who would find a cure for cancer, but math was not my favorite subject. I worked in a hospital years ago, as a pharmacist tech, and was pretty good at it. One day the director of that department approached me about about sending me to school to become a pharmacist. He had been observing me for awhile and that he liked what he saw as far as my techniques and that I am always asking questions and would volunteer to do IV bags and observing everything that went on the IV area of the department. We talked and I told him that math was not my strong suite and he said that he would pair me with one of the college student that was doing their rotation with us; and thought I should persue it. I was very honored that he thought that much of me, but FEAR took over and I turned the offer down. Just think…that was my stepping stone into medicine and the possibility of becoming a doctor…hum…imagine that.

  6. eclexia Says:

    For the next few years at least, I’d love to be Super Mom. To be able to actually do all the good ideas I have. If I were super Mom, my energy wouldn’t get used up on all the ordinary stuff, and I’d have some left over for the great, over the top ideas.

    And when my kids are grown, I suppose I’d like to be some kind of mediator. That word is very broad for me. Could be mediator between two people. Could be between two groups. Could be between a person and their disease, or between a person and confusing ideas. When I read a book on autism recently, I realized I’d love to help mediate for people connected to people with autism, who really do want to understand what it’s like, but can’t seem to grasp it or adjust to being in relationship with someone who has autism. I love connections and connecting people, and everywhere I look, it seems like there are connections just waiting to be made.

    In the meantime, I suppose I AM doing that now. Even if I’m not supermom, I get to do my share of mediating….

  7. MaraposaH Says:

    I dont really have an actual stable job, i’m just a college student but i plan on getting a job on my major; animation. I’m sooo freaking tired of having to deal with people behind a reguister, kids running around, counting money, packing cakes, cleaning bathrooms…I WANNA BE AN ANIMATOR!! hopefully i will…i still have the ability to dream…

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