The King of Spades went and got all Jaggedsmile-ified!

My take on the good ol’ King of Spades. I think I may actually get this one printed up as a self-promotional piece. That way, when someone asks me for my card, I can hand them one of these.

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13 Responses to “The King of Spades went and got all Jaggedsmile-ified!”

  1. Cameron Says:

    I love it. You should do an entire deck.

  2. David Wallace Says:

    That would be a brilliant business card! I love it.

    I agree with Cameron, if you made a deck in this style I’d buy one.

  3. zieglarf Says:

    That’s pretty cool!

    You should correct the ‘S’ design in the center on the trim of the robe. You have a full ‘S’ and then a little squiggle – it would flow better if the full ‘S’ was directly in the center.

    Just that one little nitpick. And I too would love to see a whole deck – or at east the face cards.

  4. jaggedsmile Says:

    Hey, what can I say…it started as a doodle, so I didn’t plan out the “S” placement very well. 🙂 I’ll start working on all the faces. The Joker should be lots of fun.

  5. Robtsou Says:

    I would have figured you for the king of hearts 😉 or the Joker.

  6. Clint Says:

    I Agree. I’d buy a deck.

  7. sketched out Says:

    Brilliant idea for a business card!!!

  8. Rick Says:

    Very Cool! I would only add that I think the sword tip should penetrate the box ever so slightly.

    Great stuff.

  9. shannon Says:

    you da man!

  10. Luke Clark Says:

    Just wondering if you do illustrations for people like the “king of Spades”? And if so, how much would it cost?? great illustrations, thanks

  11. ichal Says: too. make a deck Bro…and we will buy it.

  12. Azi Says:

    it’s so perfect, could you design the queen card? it would be so awesome…

  13. Mike Says:

    I would definitely buy that deck! Especially if you had them made in plastic like the Copag or Kem cards!

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