It’s Friday…so here’s a finger.

Insert your own explanation here.


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5 Responses to “It’s Friday…so here’s a finger.”

  1. delores hayes Says:

    first your brain walked out…and now you are giving us a look at a very well manicured finger…hum…very interesting

  2. dragonmage06 Says:

    I think you’re giving the entire week the finger. I’d like to do the same 😀

  3. zieglarf Says:

    I believe that is the index finger of the right hand – which means you’re a lefty. 😉

  4. jaggedsmile Says:

    Good call, zieg… I am a lefty, but I doubt anyone who knew me would say I was in my right mind. And as far as the meaning of the finger, there really isn’t any.

  5. jem Says:

    I’m lefty too! cyber high five!

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