Of Bouncing Santas and Truck-driving Reindeer


So I didn’t do the drunken Santa of a prior post, but I still had fun doing this one. It’s for the Tucker Tree Lighting, an event each year here in my town where Santa shows up in various ways to thrill the kids. This year he’s getting to arrive in a too-cool-for-words 1928 Ford Model A truck owned by a local gentleman with a PHENOMENAL car collection. I didn’t do the old beauty justice with my drawing.

(Sorry for the watermark and all, but- seeing as how this is for a client, and seeing as how some of my doodles have been showing up around the web on some odd, unforeseen places- I figured I had to get all boring and legal on this one.)


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3 Responses to “Of Bouncing Santas and Truck-driving Reindeer”

  1. Steve Lindsey Says:

    Eeeeewwwwwwww! Watermarked DOODLES! Gross! They’re so soft, and steamy, how do you get the watermark to stay on?!!

  2. jaggedsmile Says:

    I have to run around at super speed embossing it into the monitors of everyone who visits my blog.

    Did you see me just run by yours? Didn’t think so. I’m THAT fast!

  3. delores hayes Says:

    very cool dude…like all you drawings to me are just fabulous!!

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