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Pizzilla Attacks!

December 31, 2008


Once again, my doodle gland was stimulated by pizza. This time around, it was enhanced by a day of playing a new Godzilla video game with my son. Fortunately, the pizza was NOT monstrous, but actually quite tasty.


It’s Official… I’ve warped ’em both!

December 18, 2008


I’m in the middle of giving my three-year-old her bath, talking about how close it is to Christmas Eve. She, of course, is getting VERY excited. They made “reindeer food” at her preschool, and she asked me if we could go sprinkle it in the yard after she gets out of the bath.

“No, sweetheart,” I say to her, “if we put it out now, it’ll get eaten by other animals.”

“Like what?” she asks.

“Well, like squirrels and birds.”

“And bathtubs?”

“Bathtubs? You think the bathtub is going to eat the reindeer food?”


“Do bathtubs eat anything else besides reindeer food?” I ask, my curiosity piqued.

“No”, she answers, a look of complete seriousness on her face.” But they eat LOTS of it!”

Big Baby

December 15, 2008


Okay, for all my copy editor friends and grammarians out there, I have a question. Would the proper form be:

1. “Wow, that’s a freakin’ big ol’ danged baby!” or

2. “Wow, that’s a big ol’ freakin’ danged baby!” or

3. “Wow, that’s a freakin’ danged big ol’ baby!”?

I need to know, in case I ever do actually encounter a gargantuan drooling naked infant and need to properly express my amazement. Because I feel that, even in times of great mental stress, it is important to adhere to the rules of grammar.

A Fashion “Must”

December 5, 2008


Along with the little black dress and a string of basic pearls, another fashion accessory no woman should be without is a rabid weasel brooch.

By Request: Harmonious Anteater

December 1, 2008


Chowin’ down on pizza and doodling….two of my favorite pastimes made even more fun when they’re done simultaneously. And Shorty’s Pizza here in Tucker, with their paper tablecloths and their free crayons, are just begging for doodlage to occur. So I was more than happy to give in to the urge.

Then my son makes a special request.

“Draw me an anteater playing the harmonica!”

No “draw me a car” or “draw a picture of an airplane”.



Playing the harmonica.

Man, I love that little boy!