A Fashion “Must”


Along with the little black dress and a string of basic pearls, another fashion accessory no woman should be without is a rabid weasel brooch.


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5 Responses to “A Fashion “Must””

  1. Sandy Says:

    What! No earrings to match?

  2. jaggedsmile Says:

    The manic-depressive chipmunk earrings will not be available until next season.

  3. delores hayes Says:

    why isn’t she looking excited about having this one of a kind accessory?

  4. David H Says:

    I think the reverse is true: the weasel is upset at having been attached to the woman.

  5. Dan Says:

    Oooh, I was going to throw my rabid weasels out, but thanks to you I finally have a good use for them! I could open my own little boutique at the mall around time for prom season and make a KILLING. Literally.

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