Gator Ball!


My son is playing his first year of basketball on our church league. Their team name is the Gators, so I whipped up a quick mascot drawing for them.

I chose to do the animal gator, because I figured it was safe to assume that my church wasn’t referring to the 1970s Burt Reynolds movie Gator when they named my son’s team. Then again, you never know……naming them after the movie would explain why they included a fake mustache and sideburns as part of the required uniform.


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4 Responses to “Gator Ball!”

  1. Leanah Says:

    I love it! His clenched fist, his flapping tongue and wide eyes show his excitement. So what if he’s no good at it?

  2. Robert Says:

    I think the gator would look better being eaten by a rabid bulldog, preferably UGA VII.

  3. Aaron Says:

    Great drawing, I was woundering if you would be interested in drawing a company logo for me, let me know.

    Best Regards

    Aaron K

  4. Joe Hess Says:

    I’m interested in using this as a basis for a logo for our long distance running relay team, Gator Bait. How can I get permission?

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