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March 12, 2009


In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, I give you… LEPRECON!

Get it? Leprechaun…lepreCON…bwahahahahaha! I kill me!


SNEAK PEEK- Pulp Pilot

March 6, 2009


Here’s a preview of a piece that will be published this June. I am going for a pulp novel, B-movie poster feel. I’m adding in the half-tone pattern in Photoshop to give it a vintage 4-color printing appearance. I’ll post the completed art after it’s been published. Hope you like it.

Exonerated by the Egghead Brigade

March 2, 2009

Okay, so these guys probably spent a fortune in taxpayer money to “discover” something I could’ve proven for free!

Take Note: Doodling Can Help Memory

Now, if I can just get a grant to prove my theory that society didn’t start having struggles with obesity until AFTER the government made companies start listing the fat and calorie contents on food packaging…..

{Thanks, Linda, for the heads up on the Yahoo article.}