Sweet Dreams


You may not see him, but he’s going to be there.


In your bedroom.

Over in that dark corner.

Just standing there.

Watching you.

And humming 1970s advertising jingles.


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4 Responses to “Sweet Dreams”

  1. delores hayes Says:

    laughing…you are a NUT, but very lovable.

  2. Leanah Says:

    So THAT’s what he looks like! I was kind of expecting a white suit, though.

  3. TopSpin Says:

    Just discovered your blog – been a fan of cross hatching (particularly in fairy tale illustrations) ever since as a kid, I picked up a book of fairy tales illustrated by Robin Jacques.

    Something about your style of drawing really chimed with me…

  4. Roger Says:

    Dude, that is so creative. It is really funny. Creatures are cool when you draw them, it makes them look really funny. Its nice when you shade it it looks really real. The eyes, mouth, belly, and shoulders, just really creative.

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