And then one day it happened. In a single instant, all the doctors’ theories about the cause of Mel’s headaches were proven wrong.


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5 Responses to “BLAAAH!!!”

  1. satyask Says:

    Now I know who causes my Migraines! Is that the only way to spring him out?

  2. Nelson Santos Says:

    Great blog mind if i add your link on my blog?

  3. jaggedsmile Says:

    Feel free, Nelson. Thanks for the compliment and thanks for asking.

  4. dan knauff Says:

    I love your illustrations, I stumbled on it googling noses of all things.
    very awesome.

  5. Itziar S Says:

    Simply AMAZING!!! I love everything in your blog it is fantastic! Do you do comission work? Cause I would really loveeeee to have one of your awsome doodles to c IRL.

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