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And his robot guardian angel warned him, “STAY AWAY FROM THE FLAMING PEAR!!”

October 27, 2009

flaming pear

We were developing some cartoon characters at work, and one of the characters my friend Jennifer came up with was this little slug guy in his underwear. Her concept for him was great, and all I really had to do was flesh him out a bit, as you can see here.

However, my brain is wired in such a way that I have to flush out any competing variations of a character before I can really get moving on the final, approved version. So, flush away I did…all over an unsuspecting piece of paper in a meeting.

Where the toothy robot and flaming pear bomb thingy came from, I have NO earthly idea. I guess the current from the “slug flushing” was just too strong and they got pulled in by the rip tide.


The Fresh Smell of Ogre

October 15, 2009

ogre_color sample



My most recent piece for In Touch magazine (the as-yet-unpublished January ’10 issue). It’s for an article about dealing with a moody teenage child.

All images are copyrighted by In Touch Ministries.