And his robot guardian angel warned him, “STAY AWAY FROM THE FLAMING PEAR!!”

flaming pear

We were developing some cartoon characters at work, and one of the characters my friend Jennifer came up with was this little slug guy in his underwear. Her concept for him was great, and all I really had to do was flesh him out a bit, as you can see here.

However, my brain is wired in such a way that I have to flush out any competing variations of a character before I can really get moving on the final, approved version. So, flush away I did…all over an unsuspecting piece of paper in a meeting.

Where the toothy robot and flaming pear bomb thingy came from, I have NO earthly idea. I guess the current from the “slug flushing” was just too strong and they got pulled in by the rip tide.

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6 Responses to “And his robot guardian angel warned him, “STAY AWAY FROM THE FLAMING PEAR!!””

  1. delores hayes Says:

    ok…did you eat a spicy heavy dinner last night and it felt like an explosion in your stomach that cause you to think of these 2 thing??? I’m just asking…

  2. jaggedsmile Says:

    These doodles were actually done awhile ago…however, Sauteed Slugs in Flaming Pear Sauce IS one of my favorite dishes.

  3. Trish Says:

    Just don’t tell that to Sluggo…

  4. vonholdt Says:

    cute slug, hopefully he’ll survive the pear?

  5. Laurel Says:

    I’m an Art Docent at an Elementary School in Colfax. I’ve come up with an idea to teach “Advanced Doodling” and I think this cautionary doodle will be a great example of where they could eventually go … flaming pears! Perfect for my target audience. Thanks for sharing your stuff and sense of humor.

  6. nu critic, doar zic Says:

    Hey, could you make a chef, but a funny one ? πŸ™‚ I would apreciate that.

    I need something for a banner, i will make a page for your caricature. Tnx πŸ™‚

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