Row, row, row your… AAAAAGH!!! ELEPHANT IN A KAYAK!!!!


Got commissioned recently to do this mascot illustration for the Crimson Kayaker blog. Then I started thinking, “Dang. How big would a kayak have to be for an elephant to fit in it?” I’m thinking that sucker would have to be a converted 35-foot cabin cruiser. And the blades on the paddle would be the size of dinner tables.

But, then again, I have been known to overthink things sometimes.


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5 Responses to “Row, row, row your… AAAAAGH!!! ELEPHANT IN A KAYAK!!!!”

  1. Lenore Diane Says:

    Excellent! I thought “Crimson Tide” long before I read your blurb.

  2. Mike Nixon Says:

    You’re an artist! Oh, wait, of course… 🙂

  3. Phillip Goodson Says:

    Absolutely incredible work as always Jeff. I really appreciate it!

    Row Tide Row! 🙂

  4. jamieahughes Says:

    Very cool, Jeff! I love it!

  5. thedailycheesenews Says:


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