NOT DOODLES: Revelation project finished pieces

HORSE small TRUMPET small BOWL small THRONE small SEAL small CROWN small


The finished illustrations for a Revelation project at work. I posted a teaser of the horse earlier. Here is the complete version of it, as well as five other illustrations for the piece.

All images are copyrighted property of In Touch Ministries. Please do not reuse or redistribute in any form.


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2 Responses to “NOT DOODLES: Revelation project finished pieces”

  1. Mike Nixon Says:

    You are a good artist, Jeff and I appreciate your work with Christian organizations.

  2. Jeff Gregory – And I saw a pale horse…. | Says:

    […] to the site, this is digital scratchboard. It looks like the real thing. This image is part of a larger piece. I actually like the composition of the cropped […]

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