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MEETING DOODLE: Gettin’ Snazzy

September 25, 2014

Looka Me_small

Lest you think I’ve gone all “responsible adult who only posts serious artwork” on you, I present… uhhh… this guy. I don’t know where he’s headed, all dolled up and dapper like that. Maybe a fundraiser charity ball to rescue homeless ferrets trapped on the mean streets of war-torn Wichita, Kansas. Or, possibly, he’s on his way to a live performance of the “1968 Chevy Nova Owner’s Manual as interpreted by three elderly ladies wearing welder’s masks”.

Or maybe just the drive-thru at McDonald’s.


NOT A DOODLE: Even MORE Co-workers

September 23, 2014

Co-workers3 Co-workers3 detail

Textures! Textures! Textures!

Yup, still geekin’ on the textures.

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NOT A DOODLE: The Beatitudes

September 18, 2014



The October 2014 cover of In Touch magazine. I tried to mimic the shapes and textures of a folk art woodcut in this one.

All images © In Touch Ministries.

NOT A DOODLE: Co-workers, Part 2

September 17, 2014


GREG detail

TIM detail

More images from the co-workers collection I posted about last time. Still geeking on the textures.

NOT A DOODLE: Co-workers

September 9, 2014



Three of eight portrait illustrations I’m doing of some of my co-workers for an upcoming article in the December 2014 issue of In Touch magazine. I get all geeky over the cool layers of color and texture watercolors create, and the way that contrasts with the pen-and-ink line art.

All images © In Touch Ministries.