GAME DOODLE: Road Trippin’ and Lid Flippin’

Clown and Pony Show-small

My kids and I play this game where each of us makes numbered lists- two of adjectives and one of nouns- and then the other players call out random numbers. Whatever adjectives and noun we hit are what we have to doodle. I drew a doubleheader (one from my son’s list and one from my daughter’s) and my subjects were “happy screaming horse” and “mad scary clown”, hence the jolly little joyride you see before you.


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2 Responses to “GAME DOODLE: Road Trippin’ and Lid Flippin’”

  1. russellartexperiment Says:

    I love how you really capture the humorous contrast of expressions! Haha

  2. Clyde Gregory Says:

    Very creative doodle! Who created the game? It’s a good one that I would like to watch being played.

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