NOT A DOODLE: Black & White Troubador…. in color!

Troubador SMALL watermarked Troubador DETAIL
This trilling little troubadour was done for the now-defunct Black & White, an independent Birmingham, Alabama, city paper, almost twenty years ago. They would publish an annual city guide to all things Birminghamish, and commissioned me to provide the illustration for the “performing arts” section of the 1996 issue. I lost touch with them all years ago, but recall how much fun the team there was to work with. The printed version, like so many other newspapers, fell victim to the digital age in early 2013. There had been plans to come back as a web-based platform for local alternative news, but the publisher and creative force behind it, Chuck Geiss, passed away that same year, so the magazine has, for all intents and purposes, died with him.

The illustration is done in watercolor and colored pencil.


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2 Responses to “NOT A DOODLE: Black & White Troubador…. in color!”

  1. writingbolt Says:

    Awesome picture/artwork.

    I dream of having such a team. I saw a special on Pixar once that made that studio sound dreamy. …hmm.

  2. rebecca Says:

    love this kind of work!! very nice use of colored pencil and watercolor together!

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