DOODLES:Mallard Mayhem and a Shnozz


So busy with work these days, the only doodle time I can get in is when I’m either in a non-work related meeting or waiting in my car to pick up my kids. Oh, the humanity!


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One Response to “DOODLES:Mallard Mayhem and a Shnozz”

  1. C. Ruth Neudahl Says:

    I will say to you that you are commercial work is very, very good. And I’m sure that it helps pay all the bills, but… My favorite work is your doodles. Had you ever thought of just doing a comic panel of some sort? My absolute favorite was when you had a Frankenstein’s monster turning to the doc, who was on a ladder sewing his arm back on, and he said, “you complete me.” That was inspiring! LOL!

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