NOT A DOODLE: Would you call a chicken-duck hybrid a “chuck”?

Chicken Duck SMALL


Chicken Duck Head DETAIL


Chicken Duck Feet DETAIL

An illustration for a digital article to be published in September on the In Touch Ministries site.

It’s a bird with the head of a chicken, and the body of a duck. Wearing a bow tie.

Sometimes, I still can’t believe I get to do this for a living, folks. I am truly blessed.

All images copyrighted ©In Touch Ministries. Used with permission.


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2 Responses to “NOT A DOODLE: Would you call a chicken-duck hybrid a “chuck”?”

  1. Lazer Says:

    I am a kid and I want to make a chicken duck group and I need t shirts and can I use your picture for the t shirt. I am going to sell them because I am going to use my money to by it

    • jaggedsmile Says:

      Sorry, Lazer, but the permission is not mine to give. The image of the chicken-duck is the now the copyrighted property of In Touch Ministries, and they hold all legal rights to it. I do appreciate you asking, though, instead of doing the wrong thing and just stealing it to use without permission. For a kid, that shows a lot of maturity and class.

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