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Mad Dogs and Puffin’ Bunnies!

June 27, 2007


Okay, so he’s either rabid…or he’s got 20 million volts ripping through him. I’ll let you decide. (settle down PETA, it’s only a drawing…no cartoon dogs were harmed in the making of this doodle.)


It’s the age-old philosophical question: “Is the bunny running away from the bee, or toward the giant partially sketched finger?” Hmmmm…….

What never was….but may yet be.

June 26, 2007

seekerstudy_darius.jpg seekerstudy_airship.jpg seekerstudy_kristahl.jpg

Sketches for a work project that, unfortunately, was shelved before full-scale production began. I still believe this needs to be produced, and I’m hoping and praying that it will be given a second chance. If it doesn’t happen here, I may soon start production on my own on the side. I’ll keep you posted.

Since these pieces are kind of large, I have just thumbnailed today’s post. You know the drill….click on the thumbnails to see the larger pics.

Doodle Evolution

June 25, 2007


This guy started out as a light bulb…and then I drew a mouth on it …and- voila! – you’ve got yourself a man! If that ain’t proof of evolution, I don’t know what is!

Cold Medicine Gremlins

June 25, 2007


Friends don’t let friends do decongestants and doodle.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I don’t think the warning labels on these medicines are quite complete. I strongly recommend they add “may cause hallucinations, drooling, and the occasional out-of-body experience”.

Run for your life!

June 22, 2007


Just a fun motion study.

Traditional frame-by-frame animation done in Flash8. I know, I know…”but you could just tween it!” What can I say- I still think the old ways are better sometimes.

Mr. Smooth

June 22, 2007


Here’s a piece I did for work. It’s done in watercolor on illustration board. The article was about the lousy dating habits of some Christian men, and what a turn-off it is to the women in their lives.