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Walkin’ the DEAD dog

October 2, 2007


As you might recall, I’ve written about my friend Rob before. Turns out he wasn’t an evil robot, after all. So, as a way to apologize for inciting all the villagers against him (and let me tell you, those villagers always seem a little too eager to go grabbing torches and pitchforks at the first sign of anything out of the ordinary, if you ask me) I have immortalized him in a doodle….or doodlized him as an immortal….I always get the two mixed up.

He’s also started a blog of his own, featuring some of his cool yo-yo mods. Go check it out, and tell him Jeff said “hi”.

The Yo-yo Bots Are Coming!

July 18, 2007


  I’m sitting there doodling a robot, and I randomly decide (or so I thought at the time) to draw him yo-yoing. Now, I have a friend, Rob, who loves yo-yos…it’s a passion of his…so it almost always makes me think of Rob whenever I see a yo-yo.
  And then I thought, “That’s funny…here’s a robot yo-yoing..and Rob loves yo-yoing…and-hey….wait a second…robot…Rob…ROBot! Aww, dang! Rob’s a robot!!!! And he’s probably one of those crazy ‘destroy-all-humans’ kinda robots, too! All this time he’s been deceiving us while he made his plans for world domination!
  “And the whole yo-yo thing, that was just his subtle way of showing us puny humans that he’s toying with us….stringing us along while he calls all the shots!! I feel so betrayed!
  “Well, fine! See if I ever invite him and his little robotic people-hating family over to my house for any more cookouts. That’ll teach him!!”

You never know. I could be right….or that could just be the Mountain Dew talkin’.