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What makes YOU feel invincible?

November 2, 2007


We all have something…or at least we did as kids….that made us feel like we were stronger than King Kong or prettier than Barbie (or both maybe).

My childhood “invincibility totem” was my first pair of real live hiking boots. I felt like I was ready to hike up Everest with those bad boys on! Yours might have been a certain pair of sneakers, or your first leather jacket, or a special dress.

Or maybe it wasn’t an item of clothing. Maybe it was a person.

That best friend that was dead set on y’all being a crime fighting team when you grew up. Or the sister you were going to form a world-famous rock band with.

Nowadays, mine is a beautiful woman named Kristi. Ten years ago tomorrow, she said she’d marry me. And ever since-with a huge heap of God’s help in the mix-we’ve climbed personal and emotional mountains together that make ol’ Everest look like a cake walk. And I’m ready to take on more every time I look at her.

(Thank you, Kristi. I love you.)

So….what about you? What makes, or made, you feel invincible?