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Mister Positivity

January 28, 2009


One thing you can say about good ol’ Theo….he’s always got an upbeat outlook on life. But, hey, who wouldn’t, with snazzy high-ridin’ trousers like those?


Pizzilla Attacks!

December 31, 2008


Once again, my doodle gland was stimulated by pizza. This time around, it was enhanced by a day of playing a new Godzilla video game with my son. Fortunately, the pizza was NOT monstrous, but actually quite tasty.

It’s the little things…

March 19, 2008


Sometimes, you have to find pleasure in the seemingly mundane.

My poor kids!

October 13, 2007


I should title this one “A Twisted Brain Takes on Fatherhood”.

My sweet daughter Ella asked me to draw a doggy for her. I could’ve done cute. I could’ve done cuddly. But noooooooo……

I gave her a snaggle-toothed mixed breed with a personality disorder.

I think my brain needs a reboot.