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Snockered Santa

October 6, 2008

My friend Rich and I are doing a piece for our town’s Christmas Tree lighting event. Now, as with all illustration projects, there are ideas that have popped into my head that I know just will not fly for the final piece, and yet are so much fun I have to at least rough them out. The caption for this would read “Let’s Get Lit!”

Yup, nothin’ says small town holiday celebration like a liquored-up Santa Claus.

[UPDATE: He didn’t make it onto a poster, but he did get his own CafePress store! Check out the shirts and goodies here.]


Ride ’em, salamander!

February 24, 2008


Okay, so here’s the basic conversation I had with myself during this doodle:

“Hmm…looks like I decided to draw a salamander head….”

“I think he needs a hat. A beanie? 

“Nah….how ’bout a jester’s hat?’

“Oooooh, no…wait…I got it…a cowboy hat!”

“Why would a salamander be wearing a cowboy hat?” 

“Well, DUH! Because he’s a rodeo salamander, of course!”

“Better draw him ridin’ something, then.”

“Like a porcupine?”

“Ouch! No, keep it basic…a horse or a bull.”

“Okay, but that bull better be a tiny one, I’m running out of room on the paper.”

“Sure thing. How’s that look?”

“Looks more like a heifer than a bull.”

“Everyone’s a critic. Okay, then, dang it…I’ll give it an udder…Ta-da! it’s a heifer. You happy?”

“I’m lapsing into a bliss-induced coma even as we speak.”

This concludes our tour through my thought processes. Please be sure and wipe your feet as you exit the building.