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MEETING DOODLE: You want studly? ‘Cause he’s bringing the studly, baby!

February 10, 2015

Pure Stud Muffin SMALL

Lucius had always considered himself quite the chick magnet, but felt his new ponytail really amped up the swoon factor.


DOODLE: Smiling Stan the Cardigan Man

April 17, 2014

smiling stan BW small

Woolen apparel just makes Stan so darned happy.

Cogito Ergo Sumo!

August 13, 2010

I think, therefore I wrassle!

Check out my “Cogito Ergo Sumo” shop on Cafepress. (And my insincerest apologies to Mr. Descartes.)

Hindered by her hotness

September 1, 2009


Of course Edwina looks grumpy and tired.

You’d be worn out, too, if you had to struggle as hard as she does to rein in the sexy. If she were to let up for even the briefest moment and a mere fragment of her raw animal magnetism were unleashed, civilization as we know it would be in danger of collapse.

Mister Positivity

January 28, 2009


One thing you can say about good ol’ Theo….he’s always got an upbeat outlook on life. But, hey, who wouldn’t, with snazzy high-ridin’ trousers like those?

A Fashion “Must”

December 5, 2008


Along with the little black dress and a string of basic pearls, another fashion accessory no woman should be without is a rabid weasel brooch.

Why I didn’t become a milliner…

September 26, 2008

Because I’m just too snazzy for my own good.

For Your Emotional Baggage

September 27, 2007


So I said to myself, “What if I had a bag that was big enough to stuff a rabid possum in AND it had my logo on it– then would they offer me the Nobel Peace Prize?”