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Goat Bonding

July 15, 2008

“He had originally purchased the goat to clear his property of kudzu. But, when the goat’s task was completed and it was time to say good-bye, Paul found he couldn’t bring himself to part with it. With a twinge of sentimental sadness, he had to admit the hard truth to himself….he had bonded with the goat.”

[Yet another doodle inspired by a lunchtime conversation. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that our outdoor eating area is under high tension lines.]


Woot like ya mean it, dangit!

January 17, 2008



It’s a little known word derived from the Norse wüt , which means “Hey, Dagmar…come get your stinky goat outta my cabbage patch before I have to go and get all viking on you!”*

It also just struck me as the appropriate sound for a guy with no bones to make as he’s straining with every fiber of his being to point at something.

*getting “viking” on someone is not really as scary as it sounds, depending on who’s doing the viking-ing. It can range from burning and pillaging all the way down to simply forcing someone to listen as you recite a 13-hour long epic poem about a man and a bucket of curdled milk. Or, if the person dealing out the vikingness happens to be a woman of rather zaftig proportions, she may choose to mete out her Nordic vengeance by singing opera.

This latter form, of course, has been banned by the UN and the Geneva Convention as cruel and unusual punishment.