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April 30, 2009


It’s disturbing when my own drawings cause me physical discomfort when I look at them. This one gives me the urge to go stick my face in a sinkful of water and blink rapidly.


The Hirsute of Happiness

February 6, 2008

He could be experiencing cardiac arrest. He could be suffering from severe indigestion. He could be in the throes of a major panic attack.

Then again, he might just be trying to show what a manly man he is by grabbing big honkin’ handfuls of chest hair through his sweatshirt and yanking at ’em like there’s no tomorrow!

I couldn’t do that, though, and I know this from experience. All it took was one little through-the-shirt tug from my two-year-old daughter as she tried to scale “Daddy Mountain” to make my eyeballs shoot out of their sockets like bloodshot tether balls and leave me in a quivering, fetal-position heap for about five minutes.

What can I say….I’m a wimp.