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How many snakes….

April 16, 2008

…could a snake sacker sack if a snake sacker could sack snakes?

Rob sent me a story about “the world’s greatest rattlesnake sacker”, and it’s been itching to be doodled. I was on vacation last week, so I didn’t have any doodling-advantageous situations. But this morning I was trapped in a room full of people with the lethal combination of an orator and a podium, and the ol’ pen got fired up REAAAALL quick.

And before some perfectionist starts wailing on me about scale patterns and such, let me just say that I know my rattlesnakes aren’t dead-on accurate.

I’m a doodler.

Not a herpetologist.

When Snakes Go Bald

November 9, 2007


The Illustration Friday topic for this week is “scale”.

I thought of a bathroom scale… I thought of perspective and size relationships… and then I naturally thought of balding snakes.

As I’m sure everyone else did, as well.