Bulldogs: Variations on a theme

As I said in the previous post, my pen is now in mascot mode, hence the football-playing bulldogs of today’s offering.

I am experimenting with different approaches to the same character, and I was wondering if you, the reader, had a preference. I feel like the first one is too cliché, a mere rehashing of the same old bulldog everyone uses. I prefer the second one myself, since he’s a bit more original. I also like his solidity. To me, he looks like the one voted “most likely to take a direct nuclear hit and walk away from it unscathed” by his fellow classmates at mascot obedience school.

Let me know what you think.


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6 Responses to “Bulldogs: Variations on a theme”

  1. Cameron Says:

    I agree with you about option one rehashing a cliche, but I still think there’s something more compelling about him. I’m not sure if its his exaggerated form–small waist, broad shoulders, big teeth–or simply that he’s taking an active pose. But I know immediately what to think about him, and option two is a bit more vague. With all that said, I do like the second version, because his facial expression suggests that what he’s about to do to you is less instinct and more premeditation. That makes him a bit more menacing, in a way. I think I’d just like to see him doing something.

    And now that I’ve completely overthought this, I’ll shut up.

  2. Jennifer Says:

    I prefer the perspective and angles of the first one. I think the second one would be even more intense if drawn from looking up at him… to intensify his bigness and strength… maybe as if standing under his shoe about to be squashed or something. OR maybe if his hand was outstretched about to grab my throat, leaving me afraid that globs of slobber would fling out of his jaws and drown me. I do like that his eyes seem to say “I dare ya!”

  3. Clint Says:

    I also prefer the first mascot. Growing up and playing football in a high school where our mascot was the bulldog, I would choose the first sketch. The second option is certainly very good, as are all your sketches, but I prefer the first. The arms of the first option give him the true “bulldog” look. If you ever see photos of the Georgia bulldog mascot that walks the sidelines of football games, he just looks extremely fit, without an ounce of fat – pure muscle.

  4. Karen Morris (Allen's Mom-in-Law) Says:

    I prefer the second one – but I like the bulldog because it represents not a collegiate activity, but the USMC!!! I am quite partial to Marines, having a son and 2 nephews who are Devil Dogs.

  5. jaggedsmile Says:

    I don’t think any of my drawings have ever received a greater compliment! And believe me when I say your son and nephews have my utmost respect and are in my prayers.

  6. Kyle James Says:

    I’m clearly a little late on this one, a little after the fact perhaps, but I actually completely agree with your statements. I like the first one best as a drawing, the second more so as the most original a character of the two.

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